Arch MI on Amazon Alexa

The most convenient, hands-free way to contact Arch MI

For busy mortgage professionals, there’s a new way to reach us – on Amazon Alexa. Our latest innovation harnesses Voice technology powered by Amazon to bring you a new customer service experience.

How to Set Up and Use the Arch MI Skill on Amazon Alexa

You will need the following to activate Arch MI on Amazon Alexa:

Add the Arch MI Skill to Your Alexa-Enabled Device

  1. Set up your Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap, following the Amazon instructions.
  2. To add the Arch MI Skill, say “Enable Arch MI Skill.”

Activate the Arch MI Skill and Make Your Request

  • Say “Alexa, launch Arch MI.”
  • Choose one of the following options and state your request:
    • “Get a RateStar℠ quote.”
    • Find my Account Manager.”
    • Call customer service.”
    • “Help.”

It’s that simple. Add the Arch MI Skill today to your Alexa-enabled device.

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