April 10, 2019

Discover What Next-Generation RateStar Can Do for Your Business

Issues Facing Originators

As both professional baseball and peak homebuying season kick off in spring, ballplayers and loan originators are equally focused on leveraging any advantage to deliver the early wins that are crucial for a successful year.

The mortgage market is especially competitive this year, and all of us on the Arch MI team are excited to announce the release of the next generation of RateStar℠. Ten years after RateStar’s risk-based MI pricing first revolutionized our industry, we’ve updated its portal — now with its own unique URL, archmiratestar.com — and added new capabilities based on your feedback and our decade of experience.

In a competitive field, RateStar is the faster and more precise solution, and the one that includes RateStar Buydown.

This advanced version of RateStar has the flexibility to generate both “express” quotes — fewer fields, streamlined interface — and fully customizable quotes that reflect a very high level of precision for individual loans. It’s also the only MI pricing tool currently offering an MI buydown feature. Only RateStar Buydown℠ can tailor MI premiums according to each borrower’s circumstances.

We’re proud that your support has made RateStar the preferred premium pricing tool across the industry. Our commitment to innovation is now moving the technology to the next level for the benefit of our customers. RateStar continues to deliver our most competitive rates, protected by the 90-Day Promise, and you can also now take advantage of its expanded capabilities:

  • New express quote option requiring minimal data entry.
  • Support for all applicable MI pricing options.
  • Reduced processing time on the back end for faster results.
  • Availability across all devices, 24/7.
  • Streamlined, clutter-free look and feel, with easy-to-read screens.
  • New, unique URL: archmiratestar.com.

In a competitive field, RateStar is the faster and more precise solution, and the one that includes RateStar Buydown. Get a RateStar final quote for the loan, then use RateStar Buydown’s easy “slider” tool to customize your borrower’s MI premium to an exact dollar amount. Buydown also ensures that you use all available lender and seller credits to get the lowest MI premium possible.

Try it yourself at archmiratestar.com (archmicuratestar.com for credit unions). The updated portal is also available on most industry loan origination systems and pricing engines, as well as through Arch MI’s origination platform, CONNECT, and our downloadable mobile app.

Once you’ve had a chance to use the next generation of RateStar, please send us your feedback. In the meantime, we hope your busy season gets off to a successful start and that your favorite Major League Baseball team discovers an early winning edge, too.