MI Origination Products

Arch MI offers simple and clear mortgage insurance programs and products that help expand homeownership opportunities for your borrowers while protecting you against the risk of possible default.


The RateStar℠ platform delivers continuous innovation, enabling you to originate more mortgages, reach new customer segments and compete efficiently with our exclusive tools — RateStar Buydown℠, RateStar Refinance Retention and RateStar dynamic pricing.

Construction-to-Permanent Program

Arch MI’s Construction-to-Permanent program provides a commitment to insure the permanent financing which may be activated either at inception of the interim/construction loan or when construction is completed and the home’s long-term financing is in place.

Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company

Highly rated AMGC offers the flexible guidelines and reduced risk exposure that supports successful portfolio lending. AMGC’s coverage expands the range of available origination opportunities to include eligible borrowers with good jobs and credit but only small down payments. Learn more about how AMGC can help you approve affordable mortgages for both credentialed professionals and your community’s essential workers — including nurses, teachers and firefighters.


For homebuyers likely to move or refinance in 5–7 years, Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI) could be the best option in terms of savings and convenience. An LPMI-insured loan now is also a future refinance opportunity for lenders. Learn more about our LPMI product and its benefits for lenders and borrowers, and review a comparison of plan options.