Community Banks

Arch MI values community banks and recognizes the benefit they provide to their local and geographic borrowers. We offer competitive mortgage insurance products and relationship-based services to meet the needs of community bank customers and help them grow their mortgage originations.

AMGC for Community Banks

Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company (AMGC) was created as an MI solution for portfolio lending that helps community banks reduce their risk exposure and explore origination opportunities.

Top-rated by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, AMGC offers true Day One rescission relief and coverage for a wide range of mortgages, including:

  • Loan amounts outside of FHFA loan limits.
  • Some Non-Qualified Mortgages such as Interest Only.
  • Loans intended for private securitization only.

AMGC’s flexible guidelines allow community banks to qualify more borrowers:

  • Down payments as low as 3%.
  • Fixed Rate loans and ARMs with an initial fixed rate period of 1 year or greater are eligible.
  • Credit scores as low as 620.
  • Debt-to-Income ratios as high as 50%.
  • Extended loan terms (including 40-year) available.
  • A variety of insurance coverage options are available.

The AMGC Community Program is a unique MI solution for affordable lending that helps strengthen communities and attract new homebuyers.

  • AMGC Community Heroes — helps teachers, police, firefighters and first responders qualify for mortgages with only modest down payments.
  • AMGC Community Experts — encourages degreed professionals to buy homes by allowing zero down payments for eligible borrowers.

Price your AMGC loans with Arch MI RateStar® to receive our most competitive rates. Customize your borrower’s MI premium payment even further with RateStar Buydown℠, which leverages all available lender and seller credits.

Training for Community Banks

Our team of expert facilitators average more than 15 years of industry experience in sales, underwriting and operations. Community banks can draw on that expertise and learn how to develop improved processes and identify key business goals.

Arch MI offers community banks professional training sessions either through webinars or on-site sessions. Customized training is also available by request. 

Review our catalog of training courses (PDF).

Get expert analysis of the current housing market. In our complimentary quarterly Housing Update webinars, HaMMR author and Arch’s Chief Economist, Parker Ross, shares his thoughts on the current factors affecting housing and where the industry is headed in the coming year.

Homebuyer Education

For community bank borrowers seeking home loans insured by Arch MI, approved homebuyer education courses are easily accessible through our website:

A complimentary online homebuyer education course for conventional and Home Possible® loans is available through BALANCE, a nonprofit financial counseling organization. Borrowers can learn at their convenience – starting and pausing the course at any time. Learn more.

For borrowers with HomeReady® loans, Arch MI provides access through BALANCE to Framework® Homebuyer Education, the only counseling approved by Fannie Mae for their loan program. This course requires a one-time $75 fee. Learn more.

Additional Community Bank Programs

Contact your Arch MI Account Manager and ask about additional Community Bank Programs that can help you grow mortgage originations.