Partner with Us to Fight Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is surging in the U.S., and loan originators face losing millions if they can’t prevent it from happening to their businesses.

Fight Mortgage Fraud and Win

Criminal schemes and strategies constantly shift in response to technological advances and new regulations. You need a reliable partner to help navigate the complexities of mortgage fraud for the long term.

If You Suspect Fraud in Your Files

Contact your Arch MI Account Manager immediately. As a mortgage insurance provider, our focus is on protecting customers from financial losses. Arch MI professionals are trained to research, recognize and verify the warning signs of various fraud schemes.

Prevent Fraud with Our Red Flags Training

It’s wise to educate your own in-house staff on how to spot and stop fraud in the loan application process. Ask your Arch MI Account Manager about scheduling a Mortgage Fraud Red Flags Training session for your team.

Our live presentation covers the various types of fraud and the typical signs of fraudulent activity and explains how Arch MI’s audits and reviews protect your business.

Some Common Types of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a federal crime characterized by some type of material misstatement, misrepresentation or omission on a loan that a lender relies upon.

Fraud can occur at any point during the transaction, from inception to funding. Typically, it involves more than one party. And there are two main categories of mortgage fraud: fraud for property and fraud for profit.

Questions? Get Familiar with Mortgage Fraud