Win the Deal with the Deal Saver

Use RateStar Buydown to Offer Customers the Lowest MI Premium Payment Possible

Looking for the lowest rate for your borrower’s loan? Don’t stop there — win the deal by offering the option to buy down the MI.

RateStar Buydown℠ leverages all lender, seller, builder and Realtor® credits to achieve the lowest possible monthly MI payment. Use the “Deal Saver” on every loan — and keep winning the deal!

How to Use RateStar Buydown:

  1. Log into archmiratestar.com with your NMLS# or authorized email address.
RateStar Login Page Screenshot
  1. Click Master Policy, then Add a New Master Policy #. Enter the entire Master Policy number, including hyphens; for example, 12345-1-0.
RateStar Master Policy Input Screenshot
  1. Once the quote results are shown, the Buydown option will appear as the second quote card. Click the card, enter the desired upfront amount and view your new rate and monthly premium.
RateStar Product Selection Screenshot
  1. Use the Buydown tool, which can be changed and re-calculated, for different scenarios. Once complete, select Apply Buydown.
RateStar Buydown Calculation Screenshot
  1. View instructions on ordering MI using the Rate Quote PDF, which can be printed from the Recent Quotes pipeline in RateStar. These can be sent to a loan processor or underwriter for the MI order.
RateStar Buydown Results Screenshot

Learn More about the Deal Saver: RateStar Buydown

RateStar Buydown is available through RateStar®, Arch MI’s pricing engine that automatically identifies our most competitive rate for each loan.

It’s a flexible tool that can reduce the DTI to obtain GSE approval and create a customized MI payment that fits the individual borrower’s budget.

Get the deal done with the Deal Saver — RateStar Buydown!