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Want to stay current with the latest changes to housing policy? Kirk Willison, our VP-Government and Industry Relations, anchors PolicyCast, a video podcast series featuring his interviews with top housing officials from across the nation. He also authors Capital Commentary, which covers public policy legislation shaping the housing industry’s future.

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April 11, 2024

PolicyCast: Navigating the Homeowners Insurance Crisis 

Robert Gordon of American Property Casualty Insurance Association joins the Arch MI PolicyCast to discuss the impact of climate change on homeowner’s insurance and how insurers are responding by adoptin…


March 13, 2024

PolicyCast: “It’s Supply, Stupid”

NAHB’s Jim Tobin shares how his organization responds to technological advances and what can be done to build enough homes to address the affordability crisis….


February 13, 2024

PolicyCast: Two Number Whisperers Foretell the Housing Horizon

Arch MI’s PolicyCast returns in 2024 with two leading housing economists to discuss the outlook for the mortgage industry, interest rates and more….


September 28, 2023

PolicyCast: Unlocking the Data Driving Housing

The Urban Institute’s Laurie Goodman joins the Arch MI PolicyCast to discuss the rising importance of non-bank mortgage lenders, strategies for boosting the housing supply and proposed bank regulations …


September 7, 2023

PolicyCast: Mark Calabria: “Do Fannie and Freddie Still Matter?”

Mark Calabria returns to the Arch MI PolicyCast for a discussion on the benefits of risk-based pricing, whether the GSEs are necessary and what steps are needed to avert a financial meltdown…


July 6, 2023

PolicyCast: How Housing Avoided Disaster during the Pandemic

In the first of a two-part episode, Dr. Mark Calabria, former FHFA Director and author of “Shelter from the Storm: How a COVID Mortgage Meltdown Was Averted,” discusses how his experiences during the Gr…


April 19, 2023

PolicyCast: How to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

David Dworkin, President and CEO of the National Housing Conference, joins Kirk Willison to discuss the ongoing housing affordability crisis, reasons for the lack of inventory and the issue of homelessn…


March 6, 2023

PolicyCast: Risks and Rewards of Small IMBs

Scott Olson, Executive Director of Community Home Lenders Association, discusses the unique challenges for independent mortgage banks and the association’s mission to keep them competitive….


February 13, 2023

PolicyCast: Housing’s Big Picture

Industry veteran Dave Stevens joins the Arch MI PolicyCast to talk about predictions and perspectives for 2023’s mortgage market and thoughts on where the GSEs need to focus their affordable housing ini…


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