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Want to stay current with the latest changes to housing policy? Kirk Willison, our VP-Government and Industry Relations, anchors PolicyCast, a video podcast series featuring his interviews with top housing officials from across the nation. He also authors Capital Commentary, which covers public policy legislation shaping the housing industry’s future.

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April 19, 2023

PolicyCast: How to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

David Dworkin, President and CEO of the National Housing Conference, joins Kirk Willison to discuss the ongoing housing affordability crisis, reasons for the lack of inventory and the issue of homelessn…


March 6, 2023

PolicyCast: Risks and Rewards of Small IMBs

Scott Olson, Executive Director of Community Home Lenders Association, discusses the unique challenges for independent mortgage banks and the association’s mission to keep them competitive….


February 13, 2023

PolicyCast: Housing’s Big Picture

Industry veteran Dave Stevens joins the Arch MI PolicyCast to talk about predictions and perspectives for 2023’s mortgage market and thoughts on where the GSEs need to focus their affordable housing ini…


October 5, 2022

PolicyCast: A Manufactured Housing Renaissance

Dr. Lesli Gooch, CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute, discusses newer options and improvements to manufactured housing and what steps policymakers need to consider for loan programs that support t…


July 25, 2022

PolicyCast: FHFA Director Shares Housing Aims

Sandra Thompson, Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), joins the Arch MI PolicyCast to discuss a variety of topics relating to equitable homeownership and maintaining transparency for G…


May 16, 2022

PolicyCast: Unlocking the Mysteries of NextGen Homebuyers

Kristen Messerli of Experience.com discusses what prevents Millennials from entering the housing market and what reassurance and education they need….


January 31, 2022

PolicyCast: Zelman the Contrarian

Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates, returns to discuss her firm’s contrarian views on the housing deficit, changing demographics and a suggestion for policymakers regarding inflation….


January 10, 2022

PolicyCast: Making It on Wall Street

Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates and author of “Gimme Shelter: Hard Calls + Soft Skills from a Wall Street Trailblazer,” talks about her career as a top housing expert and shares her lessons for t…


August 2, 2021

PolicyCast: State of the Nation’s Housing

Chris Herbert of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies discusses the need for affordable housing and the unique challenges of supply and demand driven by the previous recession and the pandemic….


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Capital Commentary newsletter reports on the public policy issues shaping the housing industry’s future. Each issue presents insights from a team led by Kirk Willison.

About Arch MI’s PolicyCast

PolicyCast — a video podcast series hosted by Kirk Willison — enables mortgage professionals to keep on top of the issues shaping the future of housing and the new policy initiatives under consideration in Washington, D.C., the state capitals and the financial markets.

About Kirk Willison

As VP of Government and Industry Relations for Arch MI and a mortgage finance expert with more than 25 years in government relations, Kirk speaks candidly with an array of the most influential industry and policy thought leaders in the nation.

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