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Want to stay current with the latest changes to housing policy? Kirk Willison, our VP-Government and Industry Relations, anchors PolicyCast, a video podcast series featuring his interviews with top housing officials from across the nation. He also authors Capital Commentary, which covers public policy legislation shaping the housing industry’s future.

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May 17, 2023

LLPA Changes Stir Controversy

Anyone following housing policy knows that one issue has dominated recent headlines: Changes to upfront loan prices paid by borrowers on loans sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac that took effect May 1….


April 20, 2023

Housing: Brighter Days Ahead

Warmer and longer days are brightening our surroundings and may contribute to a rosier outlook for housing….


April 5, 2023

Will Climate Change Housing’s Future?

Climate change’s long-term implications for housing come under scrutiny in the latest Capital Commentary. Homeowners insurance and heating bills are increasing while policymakers wrestle with climate-ex…


March 22, 2023

Growing Risks to Housing Finance System?

This issue of Capital Commentary highlights new potential risks to the housing finance system: reducing the effectiveness of transferring credit risk and eliminating title insurance and full appraisals …


March 8, 2023

Queen City’s King-Size Problems

Arch MI leaders recently visited Cincinnati, Ohio, to ask local stakeholders about the causes and ramifications of the limited supply of homes available for sale and what should be done to boost afforda…


February 23, 2023

Rising Homeownership Barriers

We’re a month from spring, which traditionally kicks off homebuying season. But mounting barriers are delaying or canceling the American dream of homeownership for growing numbers of prospective buyers….


February 8, 2023

Housing Policymakers to Watch

In our previous Capital Commentary, we asked leading advocates about their top housing priorities in 2023. This issue examines which policymakers will decide housing’s future, both as regulators and l…


January 25, 2023

Will Hill Help Housing?

What are the housing problems policymakers will confront over the next two years? Who better to ask than leading housing trade groups and housing advocates? They shared their insights with Capital Comme…


January 11, 2023

One Big Thing: Housing’s Cloudy Forecast

Capital Commentary asked leading housing authorities to give their insights on the upcoming year from the perspective of looking back on 2023 from the end of the year rather than the beginning. Their ve…


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Capital Commentary newsletter reports on the public policy issues shaping the housing industry’s future. Each issue presents insights from a team led by Kirk Willison.

About Arch MI’s PolicyCast

PolicyCast — a video podcast series hosted by Kirk Willison — enables mortgage professionals to keep on top of the issues shaping the future of housing and the new policy initiatives under consideration in Washington, D.C., the state capitals and the financial markets.

About Kirk Willison

As VP of Government and Industry Relations for Arch MI and a mortgage finance expert with more than 25 years in government relations, Kirk speaks candidly with an array of the most influential industry and policy thought leaders in the nation.

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