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Available Flyers

Value of MI

Basics of MIExplain mortgage insurance basics to borrowers.English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
Renting vs. BuyingEducate your borrower about the costs of buying vs. renting.View PDF
BPMI Appraisal Gap Strategy FlyerLearn how monthly BPMI can close the appraisal gap and the need for extra borrower cash at closing.View PDF

MI Requirements

MI Cancellation for BorrowersHelp borrowers understand the requirements for canceling MI.English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
MI Cancellation FAQ for LendersReview the requirements a lender must meet to cancel MI.View (PDF)
BPMI Cancellation MatrixReview Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements for canceling MI.View (PDF)
Tax-Deductible MIShow eligible borrowers how much they could save with the MI tax deduction.View (PDF)
Medical and Dental Reduced CoverageReview our expanded MI guidelines for eligible medical/dental professionals.View (PDF)


AMGC EqualAccess ProgramExpand your affordable lending efforts with our high-LTV lending solution.View (PDF)
Benefits of RateStar Buydown – For RealtorsShow Realtor contacts how the “Deal Saver” with its MI flexibilities can win the deal for them.View (PDF)
RateStar BuydownDiscover how the “Deal Saver” with its MI flexibilities can win the deal for every loan. Watch our demo.View (PDF)

Products & Services

AMGC Professional,
Non-Medical Experts
Help more professionals — accountants, architects, Ph.D.s — in your community qualify for home loans.View (PDF)
AMGC Community Heroes For First RespondersLearn how to qualify more police, firefighters and EMTs to buy homes in your community.View (PDF)
AMGC Community Heroes For Military PersonnelLearn how to help service personnel qualify for mortgage loans.View (PDF)
AMGC Community Heroes For TeachersHelp local teachers purchase homes near their schools with our AMGC program.View (PDF)
Appraisal Gap Strategy FlyerLearn how to explain to Realtors and borrowers how MI can help cover closing costs when home prices far exceed appraisal values.View (PDF)
HomeReadyReview Arch MI’s requirements for insuring HomeReady loans.View (PDF)


Roadmap to HomeownershipEducate, encourage and qualify more first-time homebuyers with our unique toolkit of MI solutions.Visit RtHO page