Origination Technology

Technology Solutions for Origination

Arch MI leads the industry in continually investing in and improving technology solutions that increase credit union productivity and accuracy while ensuring a superior customer experience. Our goal is to be available wherever credit unions need to access Arch MI RateStar® quotes or order mortgage insurance.

CONNECT Origination

Secure and easy to use, our online origination portal CONNECT ensures fast access to Arch MI RateStar quotes and MI requests for delegated and non-delegated loans.

If you are a new user, click here for information on how to sign up.

For more information about CONNECTcontact your Arch MI Account Manager or call 800-897-4264.

Manage Requests

  • RateStar Quote Pipeline.
  • MI Request Pipeline.
  • Maintain Arch MI requests quickly and easily.


  • For MI Requests.
  • For Users.
  • Set up your Arch MI preferences in seconds.


  • Get Arch MI’s most competitive rates for your member’s loan in seconds.
  • Order MI directly from the RateStar Quote Results using just a single click.
  • Reprice your RateStar Quote scenarios without having to start over.
  • Retrieve previous RateStar Quotes using the assigned reference ID.
  • Save and email Ratestar Quotes.
  • When including a Master Policy Number, access your RateStar quotes through CONNECT.
  • CONNECT Pipeline offers a RateStar Quote Pipeline with additional filter options.

Order MI

  • No paper applications needed.
  • Upload documents easily for non-delegated loans.
  • Order from RateStar Quote.
  • Import Fannie Mae DU® files.
  • Interface with major industry LOS.
  • Get Arch MI decisions on delegated files in seconds.

Integrated Access to MI Origination via Industry LOS and PPE

Access to Arch MI products and services is already built-in and available from within most popular Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and Product and Pricing Engines (PPE).

Arch MI also supports direct connections to proprietary systems using our industry-leading, proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) technology and industry-standard MISMO formats.

Integration Features

  • Order MI products and services without leaving your system.
  • Obtain Arch MI RateStar rate quotes.
  • Submit non-delegated and delegated MI orders.
  • Deliver loan documents seamlessly.
  • Receive automatic order status updates.
  • Automatically receive MI premium data, along with the rate quote PDF and the Certificate of Insurance.
  • Submit contract underwriting requests.
  • Activate MI coverage after the loan closes.

Integration Benefits

  • Access live RateStar pricing and eligibility.
  • Receive feedback in seconds.
  • Protect confidential member data with industry-standard security protocols.
  • Eliminate the use of vendor websites and rekeying of loan data.
  • Improve loan quality with automatic imports of quote and MI order details.
  • Increase staff productivity and save up to 20 minutes per loan file.

LOS and Lender Connectivity

Use an Arch MI LOS Partner to quickly and securely get rates and order MI!