Income Analysis

Qualifying Income Calculator (AMIQuiC)

A Set of Arch MI Qualifying Income Calculator Tools for base, bonus, overtime, and commission income. 


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Tax Return Analysis Calculators (AMITRAC)

The Tax Return Analysis Calculators are interactive spreadsheets that follow the Schedule Analysis Method (SAM) of tax return evaluation.


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AMITRAC – No Macros (CU)

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Both versions of the AMITRAC provide the same great tax analysis calculator features, but the one without the macros provides the following:

  1. No macro-enabling is required (so it does not have to be made a trusted document).
  2. The ability to expand and collapse sections has been removed.
  3. There is one section for each business structure instead of five. Users can still enter multiple businesses, but only one of each business type (one sole proprietorship, one partnership, etc.).

Other enhancements, such as the ability for the user to determine how to apply trending data to the qualifying income, are still included.

AMITRAC – Basic Navigation

AMITRAC – Mileage Depreciation

Rental Income

Fannie Mae Form 1037

Principal Residence, 2- to 4-unit Property

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Fannie Mae Form 1038A

Individual Rental Income from Investment Property(s) (up to 10 properties)

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Freddie Mac Form 92

Schedule E – Net Rental Income Calculations

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Fannie Mae Form 1038

Individual rental Income from Investment Property(s) (up to 4 properties)

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Fannie Mae Form 1039

Business Rental Income from Investment Property(s)

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