Discover the Deal Saver: RateStar Buydown

Buy Down Your Member’s MI Premium Payment

When homebuyers are rate-shopping, you need all the flexibility you can get to save the deal.

RateStar BuydownSM is a unique tool that gives credit unions the ultimate flexibility — by creating options that benefit members as much as a lower interest rate.

Why Is It the Deal Saver?

Delivers a Lower Monthly Payment

Even members focused on interest rates care most about a lower monthly PITI. With RateStar Buydown, you can make that happen by:

  • Creating a customized MI payment for your member.
  • Buying down the MI premium using a gift or grant.
  • Leveraging all unused seller concessions and member funds so no money is left on the table.

Differentiates Your Business

RateStar Buydown is the leading MI buydown tool available. It’s easy to experiment with different combinations of upfront and monthly payments to identify the perfect solution for cost-conscious members.

Homebuyers will appreciate the extra flexibility you offer. Stand out in a crowded marketplace and collect more referrals.

Defends Against Deal Breakers

  • Allows more loans to meet DTI requirements for GSEs’ AUS approvals.
  • Gives you the MI payment flexibility to mitigate a competitor’s lower interest rate.
  • Helps members qualify for a larger loan amount to manage an appraisal gap.


Use the Deal Saver with Every Loan!