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Customers are talking about why they prefer Arch MI. In a highly competitive business environment, they want an MI partner that can deliver continuous process innovation, stellar customer service and knowledgeable training support, as well as solid claims-paying ability.


Thanks for making MI ordering so easy.

“I love that Arch always seems to be ‘ahead of the curve’ … and always looking for ways to improve the lender experience.”

“I appreciate how easy it is to submit loan and documents for non-delegated reviews.”

Customer Service

“Have always loved Arch MI and I always recommend you. Super easy, never any problems and incredibly fast.”

“Service is always great with quick turnaround. Arch MI is my favorite MI company. Underwriters are always pleasant.”

“Excellent ease of use with Arch MI. Quick turn times and quick responses.”


“I love taking your courses. You make learning fun.”

“I really appreciate all the training resources and materials on your website.”

“I love your webinars! I am new to processing and have taken other classes but this really made sense.”

*Actual quotes by Arch MI customers

The Industry’s Most Quotable Platform

Arch MI was the first mortgage insurer to launch the risk-based pricing revolution. RateStarSM remains the top pricing platform for credit unions, who value its advanced ability to generate not only our most competitive pricing but also unique features like RateStar BuydownSM and the RateStar Refinance Retention program.

Credit unions know they can always get a great quote from RateStar. They also like its ease of use and dynamic interface:

Arch MI Leads the Industry. And You Can Quote Us on That.

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